Non-Executive Board Mandates

Regional Utility Group (President)

Supplies energy, water, gas, district heating and telecommunication services to households and businesses in central Switzerland

Telecom Holding (President)

A holding company with cable network assets, sales and operations, network construction and other telecom participations. 

Cable Network (President)

A local cable network operator of a larger city, supplying telco services to households and businesses.

Geo Information (President)

A joint venture of local utilities grouping all geografic information systems and services in one company

Intelligent Measurement (President)

A joint venture of 44 utilities fullfilling and operating smart meters for its connected 300’000 households

Digital Recruitment Platforms (President)

The company operates comprehensive solution platforms that digitizes the recuruitment process for apprentices and young professionals.

Other Mandates

SwissICT (Vice President)

Largest industry association of the Swiss ICT industry